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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Get Out of Full Screen Mode in Command Prompt and related windows

If you ever worked in command prompt and switched to full screen just to know how it looks, you will know how difficult it is to get back.

If every command prompt or similar windows are automatically running in full screen, you must have set the defaults to full screen.
If you set the default of every command prompt window to be full screen you can change that by
  1. Start --> Run
  2. cmd
  3. the command prompt is now running in full screen probably. Get out of it by pressing alt-enter.
  4. Right click the command prompt button on task bar. 
  5. Select defaults (not properties)
  6. Choose window (among window and full screen modes)
  7. If it doesn't work when you restart command prompt, do up to step 4 again.
  8. Then choose properties.
  9. Set to window
  10. Click OK, and select save for future windows with same title.
If you just want a quick escape from full screen, or a quick look into full screen. just press alt-enter

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