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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Blackberry messenger for Android, BBM, hands on review - features and bugs

The new BlackBerry messenger for Android has made a splashing start. In the first two days of using it, here are the main features as I see it. I will also compare these with whatsapp.

Blackberry ID and pin is a must for BBM unlike whatsapp. This is a different philosophy regarding privacy and can't be compared. There is slight friction in adding new contacts. Scanning QR code didn't work with my 3 MP camera. But following lets anyone add you directly, only that there's no easy way to add the URL prefix to your pin while sharing.

Private chat
The text boxes are too big, but the font is too small. There are about four icons next to messages to signify different status of the message.
There's ping option (like yahoo messenger's buzz) which is another way of saying hi.
There's also the ability to attach images, sound notes, etc. And a lot of emoticons to choose from.

Multi person chat
No image support here.
Easy to add people.

Group is the best thing about BBM. Groups are given separate space and is not like just another endless conversation. There can be discussions in different topics.
Pictures can be uploaded which can be commented upon
Checklists can be made and individuals assigned to different items.
Events can be added which appears chronologically.

Group members can be added by anyone. There can be multiple administrators.
And members who join after a long time will still be able to see previous messages, lists, pictures, etc (unlike multi person message)

In total whatsapp groups now appear child's play :-P

Till now, I've found some small bugs.

The settings keep reverting to default.
The blackberry connected notification needs to be on for pin invites to work properly.

But considering that this is the first release, I'm sure BBM has a bright future!

What's new in whatsapp 2.11.109

Here's an unofficial change log of the latest whatsapp version released on Oct 22, 2013

The most striking new feature of this version of whatsapp is that the image upload and download are now better. The download button below a small thumbnail has been replaced by a huge low resolution thumbnail which when clicked leads to download of the image. Similarly when uploading image there is a similar large thumbnail.

While scrolling up and down in a conversation, the date of the conversation stays in a floating box on top

There are various other minor tweaks for voice messages, etc

Links posted are automatically getting image thumbnail like in Facebook and Google+

Friday, October 25, 2013

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