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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Share text from computer PC to whatsapp via Android phone

There is no official desktop client for whatsapp. And this makes sharing text or links from computer to whatsapp contacts very tedious.

A usual way people do this is typing down the text using phone, or sending themselves an email via gmail which they copy to whatsapp.

But this free, open source app called QRtoWhatsapp, eliminates the need for all that hazzle.

Things you need
A QR code creator on your PC. Linux, Windows
QRtoWhatsapp app installed on your android phone
Zxing barcode scanner app installed on your android phone (asks to install the first time you run the QRtoWhatsapp app)
Whatsapp on your android phone.

To download QRtoWhatsapp go to the github repo here, and click on view RAW

Drop me a comment if anything is missing

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