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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kerala Schools Standard X Textbooks, SCERT class 10

Update: These are old textbooks!! For new SSLC textbooks (new class 10 textbooks) click here

Click Here to Get Kerala Government Schools, SCERT Class 10 Textbooks Online

Here are the standard X, class X class 10 textbooks of Kerala Schools, SCERT Class 10 Textbooks.

There are English, English Practice, Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada, Arabic, Sanskrit, Tamil and Urdu textbooks in the language section.

Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History, Information Technology IT, Mathematics, Maths, and Physics textbooks in English, Malayalam, Kannada and Tamil Medium..
PDF textbooks..


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why to Have A Spare Blog To Post Anything That Comes To Your Mind At All

If you're like me you probably have a main blog which has a decent amount of readers. And you probably have plenty of other blogs too which you rarely publish to.

But almost all the thoughts that come to your mind won't fit the niche of your main blog. But your mind will not allow yourself to have a topic unpublished in the world wide web.
So what do you do???

Create a dustbin like blog. A spare blog. Something like ASD's - Just That.

And you post anything that won't fit your main blog there. It can be posts which can fetch you a lot of organic hits (hits from search engines) or posts that aren't meaningful at all. Or posts like your comments about the cricket match you just saw... Anything could be posted to that blog. And it could be aggressively monetized too...
Just tell out everyone that it is not your main blog, and that it is your spare blog where there could be anything, waste, s**t, etc, etc. etc..
And ask them to follow your main blog too, that way you could earn a lot more readers for your main blog too..

How's that idea?

Fixture of India South Africa Tour 2010 ODI, tests

Click here for the complete fixture of India vs South Africa from Cricinfo

There are two tests and 3 one days.

1st test: Feb 6 - Feb 9, Nagpur
2nd test: Feb 14 - Thu Feb 18, Kolkata
1st ODI: Feb 21 (Day/Night), Jaipur
2nd ODI: Feb 24 (Day/Night), Gwalior
3rd ODI: Feb 27 (Day/Night), Ahmedabad

online Transfer and Postings website for Kerala government govt Higher Secondary school teachers

The website for transfer and postings for kerala government teachers, aeos, hm, head masters, assistant educational officers, etc is not it is

For easy access click the below links
Click here for Online Transfer and Posting for Govt School Teachers 2010-11
Click here for Online Transfer and Posting for HM/AEOs 2010-11

What Matters in Professional Typing

It all depends on how fast you can type. For example, I can type about fifty one words per minute. But you may not be able to type as fast as me. But you can always catch up using useful softwares like phrase-express. I mean that is how it has been done for millions of years over and over again. Those who cannot do something use some machines to do things. That is what human beings are known for. And you know what ? If you can type fast, really fast, like I do, you can do things...
Typing fast is an art. You may be typing lighting quick in your chat client with your friends. But when you must write neatly, suppose you are writing a letter to your boss, without spelling mistakes, or formatting errors, you will have to type without errors and type fast. That is where accuracy comes into play. You may have 109 wpm speed with 50% accuracy. That will translate itself into very poor wordspeed when all that matters is accuracy. Therefore there is no point talking about speed when you are chatting with your friends and telling that you are compatible to do professional typing.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

India's national pledge in hindi

 Here's India's pledge in Hindi (Romanized and hindi font)

bhaarat mera desh hai | sabhi bhaarateey mere bhai bahan hai | mujhe apne desh sai prem hai aur uski sampann aur vividh parampara par garv hai |
uske yogy hone ke liye mera prayathn zaari rahega | mata-pita, guru tatha agraj mere aadaraneey honge aur unse mera vyavahaar sammaanpoorn hoga |
meri prathijna hai ki apne desh aur janata ke prati meri sradha atal rahegi | unki unnati aur samrudhi par hi mera sukh nirbhar hai |
Jai Hind|

भारत मेरा देश है | सभी भारतीय मेरे भाई बहन है | मुझे अपने देश से प्रेम है और उसकी संपन्न और विविध परंपरा पर गर्व है |
उसके योग्य होने के लिए मेरा प्रयत् ज़ारी रहेगा | माता-पिता, गुरु तथा अग्रज मेरे आदरय होंगे और उनसे मेरा व्यवहार सम्मानपूर्ण होगा |
मेरी प्रतिञा है कि अपने देश और जनता के प्रति मेरी श्रधा अटल रहेगी | उनकी उन्नति और समृद्धि पर ही मेरा सुख निर्भर है |
जय हिंद | 

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