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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Corel Draw X6 Malayalam Font Problems

Recently for my college magazine I had to troubleshoot the Malayalam section.

A friend collected the Malayalam articles from various students of the college and sent to someone in Kerala to type them out.
The stupid typist in Kerala typed that using some software in an ascii font.

You have heard of arial, times new roman, etc. These are fonts that make English letters come beautifully. Now, imagine we replace the symbol 'A' in Times New Roman and keep malayalam letter അ there. Then, whenever you type 'A' in that modified font, you'll get the Malayalam character. But if you change the font you'll get 'A' itself. This is how an ascii font works.

So this typist had typed the entire thing such that it works only with Ambili font.

It would have been fine if that worked properly in corel draw. But the letter ണ്ട  (nda) does not work in such a case because corel draw thinks that the ascii font does not need complex processing. ( )

Since there was no time to convert all that to unicode, I converted it using this software called payyans.
Remember, the pip repository has a very old version of payyans. You're better of downloading the latest version from savannah.

After I converted all the text to unicode, there was another problem.
The letters ണ്‍ ന്‍ ര്‍ ല്‍ ള്‍ are given its own position in unicode. But in the past they used to be a sum of different letters and zero width joiners.
Corel Draw X6 could recognize only those letters with zero width joiners.

So I had to manually replace in a word document the following:
ല്‍ to ൽ
ണ്‍ to ണ്‍ (they were the same)
ന്‍ to ൻ
ള്‍ to ൾ
ര്‍ to ർ

Now the corel draw x6 would show these fonts properly using a unicode font like Rachana or Meera.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Running RaspberryPi remotely by forwarding its display to your laptop

If you have a RaspberryPi and want to use it via your laptop, you don't have to restrict yourself to the command line.

Set up raspberry such that it receives an IP address from the router (say

Ubuntu 14.04 by default xinit can be done only by console users, so, switch to console 6 by pressing

Ctrl + Alt + F6

login with your username and password

xinit /usr/bin/ssh -Y pi@ lxsession -- :1

You might have to configure passwordless login

Ctrl+alt+F8 is where the pi session is
Ctrl+Alt+F7 is where your session is

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Root Android One phones (micromax canvas a1, karbonn, spice uno) without unlocking, without flashing recovery

If you want to root your android one phone without any hazzle, just follow these steps.

adb reboot bootloader
fastboot boot recovery.img

Then install the supersu app via sideload

adb sideload

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

3 bulbs 3 switches puzzle with LED bulbs

Here's the puzzle.
There are three light switches up in the attic of an old house. They control three light bulbs down in the basement. The problem is that you don't know which switch is connected to which bulb. You can make one trip down to the basement to figure this out. How are you going to do it?

Think and you'll easily come up with the traditional answer that's applicable to incandescent bulbs.

Don't know?

The answer that's expected is: Switch on one bulb for a long time, then switch it off, switch another on, and go to the basement immediately. The bulb shining has the second switch. And the warmer of the two unlit bulbs has the first switch.

What if the bulbs were made of LEDs?

Since the question isn't serious, I came up with two solutions of my own - which may or may not answer the question correctly. For educational purpose, they are:

1) Use an arduino to make one LED blink. Switch one on, keep one off. Go to basement and correlate the bulbs.
2) LEDs can emit light as well as detect light. So, if the bulbs are not arranged in an equilateral triangle fashion, switch one on, and measure the multimeter readings in the other two switches. Then go to the basement. The bulb closer to the shining bulb has the switch which showed the larger multimeter reading.

Flaws and other solutions are welcome.
Drop me a comment if anything is missing

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