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Monday, October 31, 2016

Aeroway Mysore - Tips and Tricks

Aeroway is a great cheap fast broadband Internet provider in Mysore.

Here are some useful tips for Aeroway subscribers.

Check your plan balance and other details

Go to
Login with your username and password

Here you can change your password, view package details, expiry date, your assigned IP address, bandwidth usage per session, bandwidth left, etc.

Opening the captive portal directly

You can load the captive portal by going to or
Pin this tab in firefox or chrome to have it load whenever you open the browser

Use alternate DNS services

Aeroway recommends you to use their own DNS which is at, but this is required only for you to get automatically redirected to the captive portal when you're logged out. If you are smart enough to load the captive portal by yourself, using the trick I just described above, you can set your DNS to other great DNSes like
Google: or
OpenDNS: or
OpenNIC:, or, or, or

Recharge or pay bills online

You can use the spotsoon app on iOS or Android to pay Aeroway. But you can also pay directly online by going to

Troubleshoot your internet connection

If all of a sudden you are unable to access the Internet, take some time to figure out where the problem is.
First, check that your router is on and there is power supply. If not, call electricity board.

Then, find the cable that comes from the roof and go into your router. Take a note of all the LEDs that are on. Disconnect this cable, and see if any LED turns off. Connect the cable back and see if any LED comes on. If there is an LED that goes off and comes on, that is the "link indicator". It being on means that you're connected to Aeroway's infrastructure and no monkeys have severed the cable connection.

If the link is up (on), then load the captive page manually and try logging in. If it doesn't log in, either your password is wrong, or your package has expired. If it does log in, but you still can't access the Internet, it's mostly a problem with the upstream and there's nothing you can/need to do.

If there's no link, inspect the cable coming from the roof. If you can find any cuts or if you find banana peels lying around, call aeroway and tell them that the monkeys have cut your cable.

If the link is up, but the captive page doesn't load, there're a hundred reasons why you can't connect properly to your router and teaching you that is beyond the scope of this article.

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